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Red Dead Redemption 2

I have played lots of video games over the years but none has excited me as much as Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games. This is made by the same people behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Its a prequel to first game that came out a few years back. This is a western adventure game set in 1899 where you control the actions of Author Morgan as he works through a race from the Pinkertons as a wanted man as part of the Dutch Van Der Lynne gang. I won’t give you any spoilers.

The story is just so deep and i really enjoyed how your actions through out the game changes the story. The characters react differently to you based on if you play the game with honor or not. The level of detail in this game is insane as well. There are so many minor details in the game that have nothing to do with the game but make it so very much enjoyable to play. So far to date I haven’t touched any of the online portion. I spent about 87 hours to get through the first six acts of the story as well as the two epilogues. I then spent another 110 hours doing all the side missions and just fun things that i didn’t do during the initial game by exploring the huge map and finding all the crazy easter eggs.

I still have so many to find. I am 97% complete with the game at this point and logged 194 hours into the game. there are so many easter eggs that are put into this game and the world is so large its just crazy. In fact once you complete the game there is still a huge portion of the map that is not even explored as you have no real reason to go there in the actual game, however there is so much to do, see, explore you eventually go there. There is obviously a huge following for this game and lots of online resources that are online. Many of these are needed as there is no way you would just stumble across the certain items in the game on your own. As said I have almost 200 hours in the game and have uncovered all the map but there are still many things i haven’t captured or seen. Normally I am not a “completionist” gamer but this game just makes me want to spend hours doing the random things just to see the creativity that was added to the game.

This game is by far my favorite game I have played in a long time. I played it on my Xbox one which is a day one launch edition so it can only do 1080P and looks/sound amazing. I often was tempted to buy a xbox one X to take advantage of the better graphics because the game is just so beautiful I can only imagine what the faster and more enhanced system can do, not to mention 4k HDR. Ultimatly the screen size and imsersion i get when playing in my theater room which is not yet capable of 4k won out. I rather play this on my 92 inch screen in 1080P than my 55 inch in 4k HDR. I do think that I am almost to the point where i am running out of things in the game to explore and or capture and will probably never get to 100% because some of the remaining tasks are just annoying and luck based and I don’t care about it enough to get 100%. I am not sure if i am going to dive into the world of online as i never really got into it too much in the GTA series and i assume this is very much like this. Part of what has been stopping me so far is its only in Beta and i have read about issues or that your stats won’t carry over when the beta ends possibly so i haven’t wanted to waste my time. Besides I have had many other things i wanted to do in the game.

This game i would recommend to anyone but i would warn them that it is a time commitment. its not a very hard game or something that you need to spend a long time playing at any given sitting. However even though you don’t need to play the world is so easy to get lost in you will easy lose track of time and before you know it several hours have passed while you go after one more mission, hunt one more animal, catch one more fish, or just explore more of the map.

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