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Another year came to a end. Here is a wrap up of some of my favorite things from the year.


Here is a link to the best photos I took this year, according to smart setr. Overall I think i got back into shooting a bit more this year than I have in the past. I shot the Blue Angels for the 3rd time, I shot wildlife in South Carolina, I shot sunrise at the beach. I have many other ideas that didn’t come to fruition this year but hopefully in 2019 they will come.

Best of 2018 photoset


2018 was the first year in many that I didn’t travel anywhere for business, I miss it. Got put on a new project working mostly with overseas staff using technology that is new. I like the learning part but i miss the teaming aspect of working with people directly. I always used to joke about working at a factory but now all the personality of work is gone that exactly what it feels like. Its never enough and as soon as you finish one thing, its time to start the next. It will never stop. Maybe this is the year that I finally decide enough is enough and figure out what is next. for me.


This is year 6 of clean scans for cancer. Which is good news but they say i need to get to year 10 before they call me clear if even then. I have fought a cough which is nothing serious most of the year but very annoying. Went to 3 different doctors and kept getting treated for stuff that it wasn’t but still never quite figured out what it is but its finally getting better.

Overall I cant’ really complain about 2018 but I also can’t say that it was all that great. It is no one thing’s fault just as usual I didn’t do much to make it a great year by going out of my way to create some super experience. Maybe ill do that better in 2019.

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